Insights - Life @ Xref

Insights - Life @ Xref

How do we create value?

Organisations around the globe share a common imperative; securing the right talent for the right role.

We’ve revolutionised this process, changing the way recruitment, HR and talent acquisition teams hire. We’re a fully automated, online reference checking software that enables fast, secure and meaningful candidate feedback. We’ve empowered some of Australia’s largest organisations, the likes of Qantas and Westpac, to make confident, data-driven hiring decisions.

What does the future look like?

We’re a company that was born from forward thinking. We introduced an industry to our technology before they even knew they needed it. Now, we've gained their trust to deliver the best, most secure reference checking process and, since our acquisition of ID verification company RapidID, they know can rely on us to offer even more.

With over 1,200 clients to date, we’re scaling fast to aid broader expansion, particularly across North America and the UK. Our potential to support and innovate the recruitment process is immense and the future is an exciting one.