Smash 2022 with these MUST attend tech events

Smash 2022 with these MUST attend tech events

Welcome 2022! We saw some incredible breakthroughs in Sydney’s tech scene last year, and from the way it’s looking, this year is going to be even wilder!

Given the dynamic nature of the industry, it’s important to network and keep yourself updated with all the latest news. That’s why we’ve compiled these MUST attend tech events that are just around the corner. Be sure not to miss them!

CIO Executive Leadership Summit - Inspiring trust in the Global Digital Economy


January 26

If you’re curious about what drives many successful tech businesses today, this event is right for you.

In this event, leaders will discuss how businesses foster innovation and achieve business outcomes while attracting, growing, and retaining the people, and skills that are needed to power the successful 21st century organization.

Embracing Digital Transformation - Microstrategy World 2022


February 1 - 2

Technology is becoming a crucial factor in the success of every business. In many cases, the adoption of tech will determine where these firms stand in the market. Microstrategy World will give you a head start, and discuss:

  • New technology for organizations
  • Bitcoin for corporations
  • Tech that will keep your business ahead of competitors

Join this global event featuring the technology, methodology, and network you’ll need to own 2022.

The IMPACT Conference 2022


January 31 - February 4

A 5 day virtual event that features AI, Machine Learning, DevOps, Cloud Native Applications and IT Infrastructure. Sessions will be hosted by renowned leaders from IBM, MSCI, Blameless and many more.

Some topics include:

  • Five design patterns to build more resilient applications by AWS’s Derek Bingham
  • Cyber Attack Prevention with IBM’s Chris Walker and Diego Bessone
  • “Managing 50 Billion Things” by Cisco’s principal engineer Eliot Lear

IMPACT has been held annually for over 40 years now. It’s had a tremendous impact on the history of Global IT and infrastructure. Plus, this year’s priority is to encourage open communication and problem solving for attendees, so if you’re looking to network, this event is perfect for you!

Developer Week 2022 - The world’s largest developer and engineering conference


February 7 - 9

250+ participating speakers, 300+ hours of content, 75+ sponsors, 8000+ developers, engineers, managers, and executives from all around the world will be converging in February’s Developer Week.

In this conference you can expect to learn best practices on developer technologies, languages, platforms, tools, and technical management; the way the pros do it.

You’re sure to come away with a clearer understanding of the role tech plays in business.

Have we missed any important or interesting events? Or maybe you know of a kick-ass upcoming event that simply has to be featured? Drop us a mail at