Top Podcasts To Keep the Boredom At Bay This Lockdown

Top Podcasts To Keep the Boredom At Bay This Lockdown

It’s day seventy something of lockdown. You’ve watched every Netflix episode there is. You’ve shopped online (only to discover that there’s a shortage in delivery people and you’ll now be waiting weeks for your next unboxing experience too).

Why not listen to some podcasts? With over2 million active podcastsavailable you might be worried about wasting your time listening to something boring.  Enter the Tech Life Sydney recommendations list below… These podcasts will keep you entertained and informed for days (at least until day ninety of lockdown 😉 ).

1 -‎The Leading Innovation Podcast on Apple Podcasts

The Leading Innovation Podcast has a 5-star rating on Apple Podcasts and for good reason. With each new episode, they interview a different guest star that shares invaluable insight about growing their career and business.

If you feel like your career is stagnating or that you are missing something before you launch your new business, tune in and hear how these experts got to where you want to be.

2 -Back Yourself

Back Yourself, hosted by Tom Fairey is already on its third season and has plenty of helpful and thought-provoking content.

Each episode focuses on having in-depth conversations with those in the startup community. They share interesting insights into how they reached success - getting into the nitty-gritty and going beyond discussing the generic advice that every startup founder receives.

Some top guests include senior operators at companies such as Google, Microsoft, Deliveroo, Coca Cola and Skype.

3 -‎The Female Founders Network on Apple Podcasts

It can sometimes be hard to relate to your male counterparts as a female founder. This is why the Female Founders Network was started.

The community aims to shine a light on females in the startup space. And their podcast gives them a chance to amplify their voices.

Every episode discusses something new. They talk about everything founders go through, from things that any founder will experience to those experiences that are unique to women.

4 - ‎The Seicho Podcast on Apple Podcasts

Are you a startup founder or business owner looking for new ways to grow your company? This is the podcast for you.

The Seicho Podcast helps people grow their businesses by sharing stories from successful professionals who already have done just that.

The first-hand experience gives listeners unique new perspectives about the ways they can approach growth in their business and learn the challenges that they might face in various growth channels.

5 -Podcast: How to Close the Gender Gap in STEM Careers

This podcast is a recommendation for a specific episode rather than an entire series (though you can check out the other episodes too – but start with this one).

In this episode of Boston Consulting Group’s podcast, Frances Brooks Taplett interviews Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code, and Mick Liubinskas, partner and director at BCG Digital Ventures and author of She’s Building a Robot.

The two successful STEM women share ideas for how we can close the gender gap in STEM careers going forward.

The podcast highlights the barriers that many women face entering into STEM and what solutions we can offer to help these careers become more accessible to women.