What makes Phocas special? An award winning work culture.

What makes Phocas special? An award winning work culture.

We are deep diving behind the scenes of Phocas this week, if you are currently looking for a new opportunity or considering already applying at Phocas, check out the below to get a feel for their culture!

Phocas’ culture. Fun. Collaborative. Sustainable.

If you walked into Phocas’ office, you’d never know this was a thriving multinational with branches all over the globe. Instead, you’d think you’re working in a startup with your best buddies.

That’s because Phocas works at maintaining its positive and friendly culture. It’s paid off, even winning the Culture Transformation and Sustainability Award from Human Synergistics for their constructive culture. They make sure everyone who works there has plenty of friends, challenges, and fun. It’s a small office feel but you’ll also be working alongside people with extremely diverse backgrounds.

You might also bump into people you’d never expect. Maybe you’ll be sitting next to the developer who used to be a particle physicist? Or you might bump into the guy who used to be an astronaut. 

“It's just exciting because of the influx we've had from such a diverse range of people. And obviously the more diversity the wider the opinions you get, and the more angles that you look at" Mark Fryer, Head of Engineering.

At Phocas, it’s all about different teams working together and cross-functional team meetups. So you’ll constantly be collaborating with new people and exposed to new ideas and challenges. 

Phocas is also a global citizen. With people and teams dedicated to sustainability and wellbeing, they’re contributing to a greener, happier world.

How does Phocas support you? Creating an environment where you’re free to be your best. 

At Phocas, it’s about trust. Even to the point of taking big decisions. Micromanaging is not in their DNA.

“We've got something quite special from a culture built around trust. It’s quite a risk-taking organization more than I've sort of seen in the past. Myles, our CEO, has a fun personality and he's a bit of a risk taker and so he's keen for us to make big steps rather than small cautious steps forward.”

They push down the decision-making to people that are close to the action. And so you’re going to be making an impact from day 1. Phocas doesn’t believe in parachuting in leaders from outside. They aren't just looking for ready-made leaders; no, they want to grow them. You’ll be constantly trained for projects and challenges bigger than you’ve encountered before.  It’s a breath of fresh air for those coming to Phocas from more traditional companies, and people love it!

“I think I've been stretched and had more growth opportunities this year than I've had in my entire career and have been empowered and trusted to do some things on behalf of people which has just been amazing.”

Phocas doubles down on learning and growth. They allow their teams to determine the courses that they think will help them best, giving autonomy and trust to their team. 

“A dev from Brazil found a brilliant course, but it was really only suitable for him and one other because the course is written in Brazilian” What did Phocas do? They told him “Go for it” Mark Fryer, Head of Engineering.

Phocas works hard to keep the culture alive

Phocas looks at people, not positions. They don’t like arrogance and power dynamics getting in the way of being a good human.

Everyone's the same, whether you’ve just started a week ago or are at the top of the company.

When interviewing candidates, culture fit is front of mind, with this accounting for a large part of the decision making- they are not afraid to pass if someone is not the fit. Skills alone are not all you need to succeed.

Thinking of working at a company where you’ll collaborate with some of the most interesting people you’ve ever met. Make an impact. Take risks and constantly have fun?  Apply to Phocas today.